Healthy Dynamic Life was born when an overweight, frustrated, tired, and depressed woman in her late 20s decided that it was finally time to turn her life around. 

After years of huffing and puffing just to get up the stairs and eating to try and feel better about it, she finally decided that she was ready, willing, and able to do whatever it took to release her excess, unwanted weight. She had a burning desire inside her to take action to create the happy, healthy, and dynamic life she dreamed of and deserved. That's exactly what she did. And you can do it too.



My favorite part about the program is  enjoying our community. 


I like the study materials and listening to the recommended books on Audible! I also enjoy the weekly Goddess meetings. They are so much fun.

Sophie L.

I love the wholistic approach of this program, body, mind and spirit. I really appreciate all the info and different tools provided, from different media. I love the community and the support and inspiration we have here!

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We're on a mission to guide women to trust their inner wisdom; practice the principles of wholistic health and natural hygiene so they feel like the gorgeous goddesses they truly are; get a smoking hot body they adore; feel light, energized, and maximized; and manifest all of their wildest dreams.